Why staying home as a homeschooler drives me insane

We’ve been home most of the week. It’s winter, cold and rainy, and with a new baby it’s preferable to stay warm. It’s school holidays so most of the indoor places we would go to will be busy and full of crowds, loud kids and parents who are getting out with their kids before the school term starts again. Those places are fun to visit but can be stressful during the holidays. We had a couple of plans to meet up with some friends but due to others illnesses, those plans are cancelled. So we have ended up staying home this week, with the exception of going out for coffee and to the supermarket one morning. It’s now Friday afternoon and I’m feeling insane and stir crazy. I have already sent a message to Mr Cookie asking him if he can come home to save me from my day.

Monkey is jumping all around the house, as I type this he currently jumping off the coffee table onto the bean bags in front of me. Teapot is talking to me non stop asking the same question over and over again and arguing with the answer. Peach is 3 months, she is pretty cruisy but still quite demanding on my time, as expected at this age. Monkey and Teapot insist on touching the most expensive things in the house, not that we have any, but if it costs more than $10 they are trying to figure out a way to break it. They both insist on talking over top of each other right under my feet, often resulting in someone screaming and yelling. I woke up this morning to both lying in my bed while I sleepily fed Peach, arguing over who was going to cuddle her first. I’ve had no adult contact except for my husband and the coffee lady that took my order.

It’s not normal for us to have so much time at home, we try to have days at home to relax and recharge but most days we usually have somewhere to go, something to do, someone to see. The kids often get a break from each other by playing with other kids, sometimes friends they already know and sometimes new friends.

*side note, I just had to tell Monkey and Teapot not to jump on each other. They are sitting on their bean bags 1 metre away from me screaming at each other to jump on them then complaining when the other one does. One of them is going to get seriously hurt. This isn’t the first time either… *

Going out also means there are other adults to talk to. Some days I’m guilty of word vomiting when I see another adult. Other days I’ve sat and primarily listened when another adult has had to talk because !adults!.

I’ve yet to meet a homeschooler that stays home. There is certainly a misconception that homeschoolers don’t get out, but travel expenses do start climbing when you homeschool (unless you walk everywhere, in which case I admire you greatly).

It’s not all doom and gloom though. Yes, after a long week I’m feeling insane and looking forward to our routine being back next week, but for the amount of fighting the kids have been doing, they have also been doing an equal amount of playing nicely together or playing on their own. Forts have been built, food has been made, cities have been assembled and disassembled and reassembled. Books have been read and their imagination has been used. Learning has happened and the break means we are well refreshed and ready to get back into it. And also, adults.

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