18 Amazing Rainbow Cakes

Rainbow cakes are perfect to celebrate almost any occasion. For some people, rainbows symbolise something important, and for others, they are just cheerful. It’s hard not to smile when biting into a piece of the rainbow. And even the most basic rainbow cake makes people go ‘WOW’! Whether you are a talented baker or your preference is throwing some sprinkles on top, here are some designs to inspire your next cake making adventure

1. Rainbow Cupcakes with Vanilla Cloud Frosting

Recipe over on Dinner then Dessert

2. Rainbow Hearts

Design over at Fat Cakes Design

3. Rainbow Cake

Recipe over at Elle France

4. Rainbow in the Clouds Cake

Recipe, tutorial and video over at Sugar Hero

5. Watercolor Rainbow Cake

Design by Ivy and Stone Cake Design

6. Rainbow Birthday Cake

Design and recipe over at I Am Baker

7. Rainbow Heart Cake

Recipe over at Today

8. Rainbow Cake

Design over at Rise and Shine Bakery

9. Rainbow Cheesecake

Recipe over at Sher Bakes

10. Rainbow Cake

Original Source Unknown

11. Rainbow Sprinkle Cake

Design over at Ceros

12. Rainbow Ruffle Cake

Design over at Sweetly Southern Cakery

13. Rainbow Skittles Cake

Design over at Kelly Mauger

14. Rainbow Pinata Cake

Recipe over at Womans Weekly

15. Rainbow Butterfly Cake

Original Source Unknown

16. Rainbow Cake

Original Source Unknown

17. Rainbow Petal Cake

Design and Tutorial over at The Cake Blog

18. Rainbow Wedding Cake

Design over at Cake Sphere


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