Author: Andie

Recipes - Messy Play

Super Easy & Quick No Cook Playdough Recipe

Young children love playdough. They tend to gravitate towards it when it’s offered and can spend hours using the same ball of playdough to create and recreate a number of different projects, from animals to squishing it through their fingers to making muffins. It’s also highly beneficial for their imagination and fine motor skills. This is …


Why staying home as a homeschooler drives me insane

We’ve been home most of the week. It’s winter, cold and rainy, and with a new baby it’s preferable to stay warm. It’s school holidays so most of the indoor places we would go to will be busy and full of crowds, loud kids and parents who are getting out with their kids before the …


8 Healthy Smoothie Recipes Your Kids Will Love

My kids love smoothies, they ask for them almost every day. We often make a range of flavours depending on what we have in the house at the time and when we are at the supermarket I make sure we top up on ingredients that can easily be used in smoothies. One of the benefits …